Shades of Black Lyrics – Gagan Kokri ft Fateh | Heartbeat

Shades of Black is a brand new single by Gagan Kokri feat. Fateh.

MUSIC – Heartbeat
Featuring – Fateh Doe
Lyrics – Koki deep
Video – Sukh Sanghera
Location – British Columbia ( Canada )

Shades of Black Lyrics

Uh.. Black
Yeah Black
Gagan Kokri, Fateh Black
Heartbeat Black

Tere pichhe maare gede mutiyare
Tere pichhe maare gede mutiyare
Langg jaanve kolon kar sho…

And we ball right here so
Let’s now waste no time, girl!
Your selfie gain one hundred
In rear bottoms you running
Ain’t worried about them other girls
Cause they ain’t really got nothin’
On you, yeah girl on you
You made me spend some time away
And now I only want you.

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