Mere Baare Tu Puch Lyrics – Bohemia

Mere Baare Song Details:
Artist – Bohemia
Lyrics – Bohemia
Music – Haji Springer
Label – Speed Records

Mere Baare Tu Puch Lyrics - Bohemia

Mere Baare Lyrics

Mere baare kudia tu puch
Kudia tu puch

Mere baare gallan karn saare
Aa ke sulah karn jehre haare
Sanu v mila karu

Aake gillah karn menu saare
Par aake milan menu saare
Hun jake gallan karn mere baare
Kara vairiya nu pyaar

Vairi jinda ne mere sahare
Par sharmindah ne kinne saare
Laggan lagge mere varge jadon
Mike farhn jadon mere varge saare

Rap karn jadon mere varge saare
Ehna mundeya nu ki pata
Kudia nu puchu mere baare.

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